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About Us

Boulevard is a multi-generational church that worships and serves together.  Regardless of your age or place in life, it should not be difficult to find others much like yourself. However, we desire our church to be united by something far greater than outward similarities. We believe the greatest unifier is not age, socio-economic status, ethnicity or politics. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reconciliation provided by Jesus overcomes any superficial barrier and we try to display that in every way that we can.

We invite you to join us at Boulevard any Lord’s Day for Sunday School classes at 9 AM, Morning Worship  at 10:15 AM, and Evening Worship at 6 PM.

On Sunday mornings, we usually have between 250-300 people in attendance. Our dress tends towards business-casual and modest; however, we do not want to overemphasize our outward appearances before men. You will find people wearing anything from suits to jeans.

When you visit, you will find Boulevard to be a warm, friendly environment of men and women who love the Lord and love people. We love and welcome visitors and will encourage you in your discovery and walk with God. Please feel free to introduce yourself to others, ask questions and let us know if you need more information about our church! We’d be happy to share with you.

When You Arrive

Park in the parking lot out front. 

Come to the main set of doors at the front of the church. There, you’ll be greeted and given a bulletin detailing the service details for the day and outlining learning and service opportunities for the upcoming week.

If you come for Sunday school, drop by the visitor’s desk in the main entry where you can learn about where to take your kids for Nursery or Sunday School and what choices are available to you as well. Our greeters will help you find your way to where you want to go.  Along the way, they will likely introduce you to members of the church as you pass.

If you’re unable to attend Sunday school, we encourage you to arrive a few minutes before 10:15 AM. We provide childcare for children 3 years old and younger and someone at the welcome desk can direct you. Children 3 years and older join their parents in the worship service.

We hope you’ll feel welcome here. Relax, engage, and enjoy as we learn about God’s Word and worship Him together.

Sunday School

Sunday mornings begin with Sunday School at 9 AM. We offer age-graded classes from preschool through college as well as many options for adults. The visitor’s desk will provide you with a list of available adult class topics with a short description of each topic and they can assist you in finding the right class for you or your children.

Worship Services

Our Sunday Morning Worship Service begins promptly at 10:15 AM and is led mostly by a mix of our staff and lay elders, our deacons and various members. The service generally is 70 to 90 minutes and includes praying, singing, listening to and reading God’s Word, giving, hearing the preached Word, and responding to the preached Word.

Our Sunday Evening Worship Service begins at 6 PM and has a more casual structure. This service generally is 45 to 60 minutes and includes praying, singing, occasional testimonies and prayer circles, and hearing the preached Word. Oftentimes, this service is followed by folks just sticking around and visiting with and catching up with one another. We invite you to do the same; get to know us and let us get to know you!

We also celebrate the ordinances of baptism (as often as the Lord brings new believers to us) and the Lord’s Supper (once a month).

All in all, we want all things to be done for the glory of God. We strive for our services to be founded on Scripture alone, Christ-centered, and formed by the Gospel. As we understand worship, it is not a performance to be done by professionals and observed by an audience. Rather, we are called to engage all of ourselves—heart, mind and body in every component of the service from the opening Call to Worship to the closing prayer.

A Word About the Music

At Boulevard, we strive for balance and blend with regards to style and song selection, as style preference should be regarded with far less significance than the theological depth and clarity of the lyrics and the sing-ability of the melody.

We love and appreciate songs of all ages, anything from ancient chant/folk songs, Martin Luther, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Fanny Crosby, “Sovereign Grace,” and the Gettys, to name a few. Congregational singing is a wonderful gift from the Lord, and we try to value both the aspect of singing and its congregational nature with the highest esteem.

Boulevard’s worship team compromises a beautiful hybrid of both orchestral and praise band instrumentation. We also have a worship choir that helps lead the congregational singing, as well as performs choral specials from time to time.

A Word About the Sermons

The predominant mode of preaching at Boulevard is expositional. This means we typically go through a book of the Bible, verse by verse, to expound on what that particular text is speaking about. Morning sermons are generally 35 to 40 minutes in length and evening sermons are generally 20 to 30 minutes in length, though length is not a point of emphasis for us. All of our sermons, while staying true to the text covered, speak to the God redemptive plan in human history through the person and work of Jesus Christ (i.e. the Gospel).

A Word About After the Sermon

After the sermon, we typically join together in congregational singing while offering everyone a chance to respond to the Word of God.  During this time, we encourage you to reflect upon and respond to the read, sung, and preached Word and how it applies to your life.  We want to allow freedom for the conscience of the individual under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. There are a number of ways this may look. You may choose to stand and sing, or remain seated and pray. You may need to seek someone out for special prayer, or if you have questions about salvation and faith in Christ we encourage you to speak with one of our elders.

While many churches may refer to this time as a “time of invitation” or as an “altar call,” we view it more as a time to reflect and respond as God would have us. There are many biblical instances of God’s people responding to His Word proclaimed and preached. We try to avoid the “altar call” mentality that originated in revivalistic traditions that began in the late 19th century; this relatively “modern approach” is not consistent with biblical teachings or historical church liturgies when believers have gathered together.  We want to avoid any form of emotional influence that could lead to a false conversion.  We believe conversion occurs by the Holy Spirit’s power at any time and at any place.